Security Camera Systems:

Protecting Your Home or Business Around-the-Clock

Security Camera Systems

Helping you keep your business, your home, and your loved ones safe in Jacksonville, FL is something SC Technologies takes to heart. That's why we offer innovative video security technologies and CCTV systems for monitoring your home or business-so you can protect what matters to you most.

A video surveillance system is your first-line-of defense against break-ins, theft, liabilities, vandalism, and property damage. Installing a high-quality, multi-camera security camera systems at your home, retail store, or business enables you to keep watch 24/7. And, with remote viewing capabilities-you can view your video from wherever you are-even while you're away, or on vacation.

SC Technologies can design surveillance camera system that's right for your location, determine the best locations for security cameras, and install and configure everything for you-so your security solution is optimized and ready-to-go.

Which Security Camera System is Right for Your Application?

Choosing a video security system that offers the features and capabilities that best meet your needs is essential for effective security.

The security experts at SC Technologies can help you determine which video security technology and camera security system are right for your location in Jacksonville, FL-and your budget.

Video Security Cameras

  • High-Resolution Images - Security cameras that capture high-resolution megapixel or HD images enable you to gain detail needed for facial identification and court-admissible evidence.
  • Low Light and Nighttime Surveillance - Video security cameras equipped with a built-in IR array, and enhanced imaging features such as Smart IR and 3D-Noise Reduction (3D DNR) will provide better low light and nighttime surveillance capabilities.
  • Weather Protection - Outdoor security cameras equipped with IP weather-rated enclosures, or offer an extreme temperature operating range will provide all-weather protection-year round.

Recording Devices

  • Multiple Channels - Choosing a video recording solution that supports the amount of cameras you need, now and as your needs grow- will enable you to get the most out of your investment.
  • Multiple Recording Modes - A video recorder that offers continuous, motion-detection, and schedule recording enables you to choose what's best for your application, and maximize recording.
  • H.264 Video Compression - H.264 video compression reduces file sizes and reduces hard drive storage requirements, while delivering crisp, clean images.

Remote Monitoring

  • Remote and Mobile Access - Remote monitoring enables you to view your video from a web browser or mobile device-from anywhere!
  • Email and Mobile Alerts - Many of our video security solutions can send an alert to your email or mobile device, so you can react to an incident in real-time!

Tips for Maintaining Your Video Security Camera System

1  Trim Landscaping

  • Make sure your outdoor video security cameras have a clear line of sight.
  • Keep vines, bushes, trees and other landscaping trimmed to prevent camera obstruction.
  • Remove any bird nests, bee hives, and spider webs located near your cameras.

2  Clean Camera Lenses

  • Inspect your indoor and outdoor camera lenses for cleanliness.
  • Look for dust, smudges, water spots and other undesirable elements.
  • Clean camera lenses regularly to ensure you get a clear shot and optimal image quality.
  • Clean camera lenses very gently with compressed air and a microfiber cloth.

3  Inspect Camera Housing

  • Check outdoor camera enclosures to ensure they are protecting your cameras from the elements.
  • Check your camera enclosures for damage, including warping, dents, holes, and cracks.
  • Look for condensation and water inside of the enclosure, along with any dirt.
  • Replace dented, damaged, or ill-fitting camera enclosures.

4  Check Cabling

  • Inspect all of your cable connections to your security cameras, video recorders and monitors.
  • Make sure all of your connected devices are securely connected and are receiving power.
  • Look for signs of wear on the cables.
  • Replace any cables that are cracked, or showing exposed wire.
  • Create a U-shaped drip loop for every outdoor security camera to prevent water from seeping in and pooling inside of the camera.

5  Look for Corrosion

  • Inspect your video security equipment and connectors for signs of corrosion.
  • Corroded connectors can cause equipment to short out.
  • Replace any corroded parts.

6  Remove Dust from Video Recorders

  • Dust build-up on your video recorder can affect performance.
  • Inspect your DVR/ NVR for dust.
  • Frequently wipe your security DVR/NVR with a microfiber cloth, and use compressed air to remove any dust from the recorder's enclosure crevices.

7  Check Power Supplies

  • Inspect your security system's power supplies to ensure power has not been lost due to tampering, or a power outage.
  • If you have a UPS, make sure the battery is fully-charged, and the warning light is not lit up.
  • Use a voltmeter to make sure your security cameras are getting full power (too much or too little power can cause camera failure).

Why Choose Us?

SC Technologies is a trusted security provider for Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area.

Advanced Technology

We offer the latest access control technologies and solutions that help solve security challenges, and meet the needs of your application - and your budget.

Dedicated Support

Additionally, our trained security technicians are experts at servicing virtually any size security application-from small, single-site installations, to large, multi-site, multi-location installations.

Comprehensive Security Services

We also offer a comprehensive set of security services ranging from site survey and needs assessment, to local installation, technical support, and post-installation maintenance-to support your project from start-to-finish.

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