Super Durable Color Micro Pinhole Camera


Combines compact size with high performance and durability

  • Run off 12 volts DC, 100 milliamps
  • 380 lines of resolution and 1.0 lux
  • Encased in a tough rugged housing
  • Comes with a tilt/swivel mounting bracket and pre-installed plug-and-play cables

    This super durable pinhole camera is built tough in the rugged style preferred by most police departments and narcotics units to survive the rigors of day-in and day-out covert operations. The aluminum case is only 0.54" thick, making "bodycam" type concealments easy. The camera runs off of 12 volts DC and consumes a low 100mA. Comes with tilt/swivel mounting bracket, pre-installed cables, easy connection instructions, a 1 year warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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